High Performance Engine Installation

 We can do an engine swap with a high performance engine precisely fitted to your chassis, suspension, and power needs. 

Performance Suspension Systems

It makes no sense to power up your project unless your suspension is tuned to handle it, and your ride and comfort will be much enhanced. We can “handle that” for you too.

High Performance Brake Systems

We can install in your project car, high performance braking systems including Corvette brake system retrofits.

Custom Headers & Exhaust Systems

In our shop we are able to fabricate, weld, assemble, and install complete tuned exhaust and header systems to meet your design needs.

Auto Body Restoration

We do complete from the frame up restorations, along with the necessary repairs, bodywork, and paint for each project.

Rewiring Electrical Systems

Electrical wiring and accessories installation are one of our specialties, and critical for a quality restoration or build.


Interior Restoration

We offer complete interior restoration and enhancement services to put the style and comfort back, or into, your ride.


Contact Us To Start Your Project

Contact us below, visit the shop during working hours or call us at (916) 858-1952